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St. George's Orthodox Church
Diocese of the South
Edenton, NC
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Orthodox Gifts
9" Large Matreshka - Nested Dolls

Hand-painted 9" large Matreshka with

seven nested dolls. Made of linden wood.

7 dolls - "Strawberries"

Brass Standing Cross

Brass Standing Cross

Faberge Styled Egg Pendants

Various styles and colors

Perfect for Pascha!

Hand-carved Cherry Amber Cross Pendant

Hand-carved Cherry Amber Cross Pendant

3/4" (20 mm) x 1 1/3" (35mm)

Orthodox Nativity Cards
The ABC's of Orthodoxy CD

The ABC's of Orthodoxy (CD)

by Gigi (Baba) Shadid

This music is catchy, fun, and educational.

Kids of all ages enjoy the music and lyrics


Theotokos with Angels Wooden Rubber Stamp

Samp - Wooden Rubber Stapm - Theotokos 

with Angels (Large)

Various Byzantine Crosses
Various Russian Orthodox Crosses