St. George's Orthodox Church
Diocese of the South
Edenton, NC
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Monthly Calendar

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Schedule of Services

7:45am - Matins and First Hour

 Not always offered; if you would like to attend, please check in advance with Fr Benedict (, or call 252-325-4505 and leave a message if there is no answer). 

9:45am - Hours' Prayers (Third and Sixth Hour of the Services of the Daily Cycle)

The Third Hour of the Daily Cycle is a service of psalms and prayers meant to sanctify the part of the day from mid-morning until noon. Similary, the Sixth Hour sanctifies the part of the day from noon until mid-afternoon.

10:00am - The Divine Liturgy
5:00pm - Great Vespers

Great Vespers is an evening service of psalms, hymns and prayers; on certain days there are readings from other parts of Scripture.The Ninth Hour is read before the beginning of Great Vespers. The Ninth Hour is a service of psalms and prayers meant to


Weekday Services
Wednesday Vespers Matins and First Hour: Not offered at present.
Weekday Vespers: Offered irregularly since the beginning of the covid pandemic. We look forward to resuming a regular schedule in the fall of 2022, but this will depend on the status of the disease.