St. George's Orthodox Church
Diocese of the South
Edenton, NC
/ Administration


John Morehead, JD
Church Warden
P.O. Box 38
Edenton, NC 27932
252-482-2006 (Phone)

For questions about St George's Mission, becoming an Orthodox Christian, donations, special requests, and other questions of a general nature, please contact our church steward, John Morehead. 

Web Administrator

Dr. Judy Drago

Contact the web administrator if you experience any website problems. If you would like to see specific content added or if you would like to add a link, please send an email with your request. The Priest in Charge, Rev. Dr. Benedict Churchill will review your request and make a decision. 



John Morehead, J.D.

For information about the St George Mission, newsletter, donations, special requests, becoming Orthodox, and other general questions, please contact the Church Steward, John Morehead