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Interested in Studying Orthodox Christianity as a Seminarian Would?
Thanks to a joint project by St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary and the Virginia H. Farah Foundation, you can now listen to course lectures and seminars by some of St. Vladimir’s great professors (Alexander SchmemannJohn MeyendorffThomas HopkoVeselin Kesich, and many others). The Orthodox Voices Project involved digitizing hundreds of archives from the early 1970s to the late 1990s to preserve the voices of the great scholars who taught at St Vladimir's during this period. This treasure trove of knowledge is free and available to the general public. To gain access, set up a free account with St. Vladimir’s, and start learning about the earliest form of Christianity that is now the oldest form in practice throughout the world. If you would like to know more about St. Vladimir's Orthodox Seminary, you may contact the seminary directly, or join us for liturgy at St. George's and speak with the Rev, Doc. Benedict Churchill, an alumnus of St.Vladimir's seminary as well as Editor of St Vladimir's Press.
Assembly of Bishops Annoounces New Directory of Orthodox Christian Mental Health Professionals


NEW YORK – The Mental Health Task Force of the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the United States of America accomplished its first major task by publishing a comprehensive and unified Directory of Orthodox Christian Mental Health Professionals. The Directory includes Eastern or Oriental Orthodox Christians verified to be in good sacramental standing by their parish priest or local bishop. The interactive directory allows users to search by zip code for Orthodox Christian mental health providers licensed to practice in their state. The directory offers useful details about each provider’s area of practice, as well as contact information.

As an ever-growing directory, the Task Force invites mental health providers who are licensed to practice by their state and in good standing in their parishes to apply to be included in the Directory.

The Assembly of Bishops recognizes the value of mental health services and encourages the clergy and faithful to seek help in times of need. To access the directory, as well as the provider application, click here.